Message from Professor Anthony Woolf

July 31st marked the halfway point for the EUMUSC.Net project. It also marked the point at which the first major deliverables were completed – at least in draft form.

Just to remind you, the EUMUSC.Net project is establishing a standard of information that is accessible to patients, healthcare professionals and policy informers alike. The first deliverables that have been completed by the project are the reports on the impact of MSC’s on individuals and societies across Europe and the reports on standards of care for those diagnosed with OA and RA.

Extensive reports, specific country information and a brief summary of the main findings of these reports can be found on the website. Following the completion of this work, the activities of the next work packages have begun in earnest. In particular, work by Skane University, Lund, Sweden to develop Health Care Quality Indicators is underway and initial results are expected towards the end of this year.

Efforts to promote the project at a European level have continued apace. Particularly successful was the EUMUSC .Net stand at the EULAR Congress in London in May and the associated briefing event held at The Medical Society of London. Additionally, opportunities have been taken to promote the work of the project at a number of key meetings. (link to newsitem)

The most recent six months have also seen considerable work to improve the branding of the project and to further develop the website. The branding and revised logo should be self evident in the presentation of this newsletter. The website has been revised to align with the new branding, and extended to facilitate access to the new country specific data that has been developed. I recommend that you visit the website using the link

With the first reports now in the process of being delivered, I look forward to the next round of work packages and the continued development of the EUMUSC.Net Information and Surveillance Network.