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Overall, the aims of the EUMUSC.Net project is to establish a standard of information that is accessible to patients, healthcare professionals and policy informers alike and which addresses:

  • The impact that Musculoskeletal conditions (MSC¬ís) have on individuals and society
  • The standards of care that patients diagnosed with OA and RA should be receiving
  • Health Care Quality Indicators to show whether these standards are being achieved
  • The identified barriers and facilitators that affect the local implementation of standards of care
  • Good practice that can be highlighted and relayed throughout Europe
  • Recommendations to improve the delivery of standards of care across the EU member states.


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Standards of Care

One of the workpackages of the project focuses on the development of user-focused standards of care (SOC) for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA)based on existing Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) and expert consensus.

The patientversion is available for download here. It is expected that updates of this document will be available during the continuation of the project in 2012.